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                                      Peter Zielinski 

Born in Milwaukee WI. to German immigrant parents, Peter was blessed to have inherited some of his father's natural artistic talents plus the advantage of some side by side painting time. He often used art to enhance school projects with much support from teachers. Upon graduation from Milwaukee Trade and Technical High school with a commercial art major, he gained employment as a technical illustrator. As a 17 year old working for this publisher was a dream come true. He spent 23 years with this publishing firm and also has over 40 years experience as a local freelance artist. Most of his work is created in his studio inspired by 36 plus years of camping, hiking and traveling back roads, but has recently added Plein Air painting to his latest artistic journey. Peter's art has been shown in several juried shows along with a few Wisconsin galleries including those in North Lakes WI., Stockholm WI., Kenosha WI., and Fine Art Montage Gallery  Menomonee Falls WI. and currently in Art Lounge Menonomonee Falls

Pen&Mouse Studio started as a graphic services business that evolved into a Fine Art Studio. However Peter still includes his signature personalized Ink & Watercolor cartoons. Camping in 28 states, witnessing amazing places such as lakes, hiking trails, rustic back roads and breath taking skies fed his desire to capture those moments on canvas. Although he enjoyed distant locations, his love of the Midwest remains strong. It's Human Nature to seek familiar surroundings. Peter hopes to capture not only a moment in time but a feeling that resonates to others. His in-home studio lies on the outskirts of Menomonee Falls, giving quick access to both Rural settings and Milwaukee's thriving Art Scene. The studio remains humbly within the spare spaces of his home. Drawing space in a spare room, and painting space in a secluded corner of the basement. Both are equipped with some of the finest antique tools of the trade including brushes his father once used.

Peter's affiliations include, Founding Board Member of the Art Guild of Menomonee Falls.  Managing a Co-op gallery for 2 years hosting over 80 Artists during that time frame. plus other regional groups such as MARN - (Milwaukee Artist Resource Network), LMA - League of Milwaukee Artists, and FAM - Fine Art Montage. Peter continues his artistic journey focusing more on our Midwest scenery with an emphasis on creating a familiar setting to those viewing the work. Peter's goal is to create a bond between the Art and Observer. Much like his father who painted familiar European landscapes, Peter captures Wisconsin and the surrounding areas with it's many beautiful attributes. Peter hopes each person that views his work, rekindles a memory of a time that brought them joy, here in the Midwest or beyond.

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