A collection of Acrylic Paintings inspired by our Midwest surroundings. Interesting trees, endless arrays of clouds and colorful skies, four distinct seasons, lakes, rivers, forests, hills and farms makes the Midwest my favorite subject.

  • Paintings are done on Studio or Gallery wrapped canvas with scenes continuing onto all four sides.

  • Commissions have been created on various surfaces, from driftwood to 33rpm LPs.

  • Requests for Midwest Locations are welcomed as well as your own special places.

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Copyright © 2018 by Pete Zielinski owner/artist Pen&Mouse Studio. All rights reserved.

Apostle Island Magic

Our boat trip to the Apostle Islands started out foggy and uninspiring. The further out we went the brighter it got. Finally we approached the outer most island and the fog lifted. The water was almost like glass, allowing the boat captain to get close enough to touch the stone surface. The light brought the orange cliffs to life against the turquoise waters